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KP Energy Ltd. – Wind Vertical

KP Energy Limited is a leading One-stop solution provider of complete life cycle of the Wind power projects. The company is involved in the entire wind farm development value chain, right from conceptualisation to the commissioning of a project. The Company largely works on projects in Gujarat, India. For the Balance of Plant component of the project, KP Energy’s end-to-end solution for wind farm development comprises services such as site identification, site preparation, construction & erection, power evacuation, and operations & maintenance. KP Energy plays a critical role in coordinating a wide range of activities related to utility-scale wind farm development. Since its inception in 2010, the company has completed many projects with a cumulative installed capacity of over 616 MW and an additional 1182 MW in KP Energy’s business pipeline.
KP Energy is listed on Asia’s oldest Bourse-Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The one-stop solution is a comprehensive set of services designed and developed expressly to meet all aspects of establishing a utility-scale wind energy project. Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) manufacturers, Independent Power Producers (IPP), and Captive Power Consumers are among the company’s primary stakeholders for EPCC and O&M services.

As an EPCC developer the key services offered in this segment are as follows:

  • Site Identification
    • Our core area of expertise is locating viable wind energy sites and procuring sufficient land parcels for project development.
    • To analyse and select the sites, we use critical resources and technologies such as satellite data, physical evaluation, meso-mapping, wind data analysis, LIDAR, and so on.
    • Gujarat has the largest wind potential in the country, and KP Energy has an excellent portfolio of windy sites here.
  • Site Preparation and Logistics
    • No matter the type of terrain, the company has a proven track record of site preparation and implementation. Coastal plains, rocky ridges, low-lying water-prone flats, inundated mountain summits, marshy plateaus, muddy soil, and other types of terrain are among some of them.
    • In order to complete its projects, the company has built roads, bridges, and embankments, as well as numerous engineering jobs to transport wind turbine parts (especially blades and nacelles) and erection cranes through difficult terrains.
  • Construction & Erection
    • Civil work related to the WTG foundation and completion of the crane platform.
    • Loading, unloading, inter-carting of WTG parts, their installation & erection, and charging of the wind farm through 33kv Switchyard (USS) and 33kv HV lines throughout windfarm
  • Power Evaucation, Permits & Approvals
    • The company undertakes the responsibility of constructing 33/66kv or 33/220kv power evacuation infrastructure, as well as associated EHV lines.
    • Depending on the location and WTG parameters, the company also works on getting all necessary permits and approvals for establishing and operating a wind farm project from a variety of authorities (local, state, and central).
  • Power Purchase Agreements
    • The company offers complete support and assistance in Power Purchase Agreements with DISCOMS and other entities.
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  • Year of Incorporation

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  • Years of Experience

  • Capacity Energized as EPCC Provider

    616+ MW
  • Business in Pipeline

    1182+ MW
  • Power Evacuation Capacity

    514 MW
  • Market Capitalization

    802Cr.+ (As on 03/07/2022)